Adblock Plus app for Android devices

Adblock Plus app for Android Devices Free Download

Adblock Plus app for Android Devices Free Download

Description :

Adblock plus for android is the legit adblock plus app for android gadgets, advanced by way of the same crew, and with almost the equal capabilities as the authentic laptop version.

Configuring adblock plus for android is a bit extra complicated than for different versions. Fortunately, the app comes with a whole academic to help you configure the whole thing in only a few minutes, without having to tinker an excessive amount of together with your network configuration.

As soon as you’ve gotten adblock plus for android installation, you could browse the net out of your phone without having to cope with any stressful banner ads or other distractions. This virtually is available in accessible for android, considering the fact that too many advertisements will frequently sluggish down your gadget.

Adblock plus for android is a useful application for every body who often makes use of their phone or tablet to browse the internet. No longer simplest will it get those lousy advertisements from your sight, however it’s going to assist your device run more easily in the process.

Adblock Plus app for Android Devices Free Download

Features :

Block Ads

Adblock Plus blocks all annoying ads on the web by default, including video ads on YouTube, Facebook ads, flashy banners, pop-ups, pop-unders and much more. This is possible based on the filter list(s) you’ve selected.

Simply install Adblock Plus and, if you’d like, customize it to fit your unique browsing needs.

 Allow Acceptable Ads

Since many websites rely on advertising revenue, Adblock Plus’s default settings encourage the use of nonintrusive advertising rather than annoying, irrelevant ads.

To accomplish this, we’ve established a set of strict guidelines known as the Acceptable Ads initiative. Together with our users and third-party contributors, we have defined acceptable ads and outlined appropriate ad placement and size. Ads meeting these criteria are visible. You can, however, disable this feature at any time and browse ad-free.

 Disable Tracking

With every browsing session, there are multiple firms tracking your online activity and browsing history. Hundreds of ad agencies are tracking your every move. With Adblock Plus, you can easily disable most tracking and browse the web more anonymously.

According to Stanford University research, the Easy Privacy tracking protection filters are the most efficient of all available tracking protection solutions, and can extend the tracking protection of Adblock Plus.

To enable this feature, open this dialogue and click Add.

 Disable Malware Domains

If your computer is slow at startup or riddled with pop-ups, it may be infected with malware. Computers infected with malware are vulnerable to all types of cyber attacks, including stolen identity. Infected computers can also be used to send spam emails or attack other computers or servers, stealing passwords, social security numbers, personal documents and credit card information.

By default, Adblock Plus provides some malware protection, but it can extend this protection by being configured to also block domains known to spread malware. This helps protect your computer against viruses, Trojan horses, worms, adware and spyware.

To enable this feature, open this dialogue and click Add.

Disable Social Media Buttons

Buttons used to share content on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and others are placed on almost every website that you visit. Even if you don’t click them, these buttons send requests to the social network’s servers which then uses the information to create a profile based on your browsing habits.

Adblock Plus can disable social media buttons from websites, ensuring that social networks cannot create a profile based on the websites you visit.

Adblock Plus app for Android Devices Free Download

File size : 3.38MB

Version : 1.3

Adblock Plus app for Android Devices Free Download

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