Download Battery Saver-Power Plus apk free

Battery Saver-Power Plus apk free download

Battery Saver-Power Plus apk free download 

 Description :

If your smartphone tends to go dead too soon after charging it or you’d just like your battery to last a little longer; Power Plus is the right app to help you find the real cause behind your smartphone battery’s sudden drainage.

Thankfully, this app is here to optimize how much of your battery is consumed by extraneous apps running in the background. Now you’ll be in the know at all times when it comes to exactly which apps are using more resources and you’ll be able to close the ones you don’t need — saving you a precious few more minutes of battery life. From the menu in Power Plus, you’ll find out exactly how many minutes are added to your battery life when you close the apps it suggests.

Also the option to see how long you have until your battery completely runs out is easily available at all times so you’ll know when your device shuts off and the exact charge percentage you have left, as well as manage charge times to get the most out of it.

Lastly, from Power Plus, you can also access a summary of the use of all your apps, letting you see exactly which apps are using more battery and then proceed to close them directly.

Battery Saver-Power Plus apk free download 

Features :

Professional evaluation for the last time of phone use
Power plus – battery saver can exactly inform you how lengthy your cellphone will stand underneath a variety of smartphone device settings (inclusive of WiFi, Bluetooth, brightness, and so forth.), this feature is primarily based on our legal tracking of the country of the battery and at the situation of the equipment.

One touch optimizer for patron applications
With the one-touch optimizer, you may easy up those consumer applications to extend the existence of your smartphone and make certain long battery existence. Further, we are able to discover all energy-ingesting programs for your android cellphone, at the same time as the telephone is not being used, and you may be aware high-powered programs.

First rate phone cooler to keep away from overheating
Now with the brand new first rate function of telephone cooler, energy plus can honestly detect your processor temperature and guard your android telephone from overheating. At any time, you can cool your device as you like.

Customization power saving mode
Energy plus – battery saver allows you to customize your personal strength saving mode (which include wifi enabled or disabled and the percentage of display screen brightness), to store greater long-time period utilization time.

Type of the intake of software and hardware
With strength plus – battery saver, you may see a intake rank that tells you the real battery consumption of each utility for your android phone. You could select to stop these excessive-intake programs and boom the utilization time.

Superior charging video display units and overheating protection
When you connect your android telephone to a charger, energy plus – battery saver allows display the charge reputation and guard your android phone from overheating.

Strength plus – battery saver is certainly one of your excellent picks for battery saver applications.

Battery Saver-Power Plus apk free download 

 File size : 5.68MB

Version : 2.5.2

Battery Saver-Power Plus apk free download 

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