Download Emoji Keyboard-color apk free

Emoji Keyboard-color apk free download

Emoji Keyboard-color apk free download 

Description :

Emoji keyboard-shade is more than simply an appealing alternative to the android keyboard. It is also an excellent choice if, except a well-designed keyboard, you are searching out one which allows you to trade both the font and text size.

With this app you can additionally create your personal custom keyboard using a image. Any photograph can turn out to be a keyboard way to this nifty device.

What is more, it also lets you search for specific themes thru the internet, supplying you with the option to find an infinite array of colorful, classic, or themed keyboards similarly to the ones protected through default.

Emoji keyboard-color additionally has autocomplete, auto correct, auto capitalization, word prediction, and pics and smileys that you may insert into the textual content to provide a fun twist on your conversations.

Emoji Keyboard-color apk free download Features :

this emoji keyboard have massive smiley face.
cute smiley white keyboard
lot’s off emoticons, smiley symbols, funny emoji …
support the notion of all languages.
smart vehicle-correction and word inspiration
over 15 dictionaries of all major languages.
upload new phrase in dictionary

Emoji Keyboard-color apk free download 

File size : 17.38MB

Version :

Emoji Keyboard-color apk free download 


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