Download Metal Slug Attack apk free

Metal Slug Attack apk free download

Metal Slug Attack apk free download 

Description :

Metallic slug attack is a tower defense sport set within the steel slug universe. Right here, you’re in charge of a group of soldiers, leading them via short battles wherein method is the most essential element. Of path, you may find all the famous characters from the legendary snk franchise that will help you to your assignment.

The gameplay is easy: every 2nd, you acquire some of coins, which you may spend money on buying squaddies and different troops. The footsoldier is the most inexpensive aspect to buy, but you may additionally discover tons of other factors, which includes tanks, planes, grenadiers, heroes, and many others. Additionally, with the money and the medals you earn after completing each level, you can stage-up your character and enhance your units.

In steel slug assault, you may find more than 100 different stages, in settings from round the arena. In each level, you either face different enemies like your self or large bosses that can make devastating assaults to your base.

Even though the most thrilling mode in metallic slug assault is marketing campaign mode, there may be additionally a multiplayer mode for competing towards different players on the identical wifi community. In this sport mode, you could play with up to four gamers at the same time.

Steel slug attack is an splendid tower defense game that takes benefit of the metallic slug license, providing an excellent game play and spectacular snap shots. The saga’s previous name become true, however this one’s even better.

Metal Slug Attack apk free download 

Features :

-Simplified checks!
“METAL SLUG ATTACK”, the latest episode in the legendary SNK PLAY MORE game series, is a “tower defense” strategy game with simple controls that can be enjoyed by all, and 2D dot pixels Move and fight with fluidity! In addition, the new “Support System” feature will give players a greater variety of strategies and more fun!

-A plethora of missions!
“METAL SLUG ATTACK” offers different types of missions for all types of players with its mode of play “ATTACK!”, In which the players must deliver the military bases under the yoke of the Armies of Modern, as well as its modes “DELIVER PRISONERS! “,” COMBAT SCHOOL “and” TREASURE HUNT “.

-Improve Your Units!
Gather items through your missions to use them to customize your Units. Make them evolve, increase their settings or activate their skills by equipping them with items! Make your units the most powerful and impressive!

-Planetary Battles!
In addition to the mode of “Real Time Battles” that can be played and enjoyed by 4 players simultaneously, up to 6 decks can compete in staggered battles! Beat all your enemies and aim for the title of “Best Player of the World”!

-Play in cooperation with brothers in arms!
Fight in missions of cooperation with brothers in arms in the “Guild Raid” and “SPECIAL OPS” game s modes and communicate with them via chat and mailing options. Enjoy “METAL SLUG ATTACK” with your best partners!

Metal Slug Attack apk free download 

 File size : 45.2 MB

Version : 2.9.0

Metal Slug Attack apk free download 



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