Download Score! Hero apk free

Score! Hero apk free download

Score! Hero apk free download

Description :

Score! Hero is a football game where, rather than controlling a whole team, you can control only one player. Also, rather than playing the entire game, you only participate in a number of key games in each game.

In some games, you could be late for several goals and have to try and catch up, while in others you have to try to score the winning goal in the last minute of the game. The idea is that you always participate in the key moments of each game, either by scoring or passing.

An interesting detail in Score! Hero is that the game is organized into a series of levels that are, in turn, divided into seasons. In each level you can get one to three stars. In some levels you will have to score a goal in the corner of the camps in order to get three stars, while in others you might have to score a goal at a distance of twenty meters.

The game is rather common for the genre: slide your finger on the screen to trace the path of the ball. This way, you can add effects to the ball and also make heads and other shots.

Score! Hero is a very entertaining football game with excellent graphics. It offers a different game experience from other soccer games. In addition, the game has tons of customization options for your player.

Score! Hero apk free downloadFeatures :

BECOME A HERO! Spend, shoot and score to become a true football legend, and offer a prolific career to your player through over 500 exciting levels!

The 3D gameplay of Score! Ensures complete control of the action. Pierce your opponent’s defenses with your unusual ball behavior, or brush your strikes in the middle of the sky, all in an unprecedented mobile gaming experience.

Download the game for FREE to play now!
* Includes support for the tablet!

Score! Hero apk free download

 File size : 99.89MB

Version : 1.60

Score! Hero apk free download

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