Download Viber for PC free

 Viber for PC free download

 Viber for PC free download

Description :

This free and well-known communication platform makes a significant step forward by launching a desktop version for Windows and Mac.

This is a new application compatible with the already available smartphone versions of Viber and allows you to stay up to date with all your contacts no matter what machine you use.

The only real thing required is to have Viber installed on your smart phone (Android or iOS) so you can sync your account and share the contact data and phone number.

Once the application is installed on your computer, all you need to do is log in with your registered ID.

Viber is a useful application that will allow its users to save a lot on their phone bills.

 Viber for PC free download

Features :

  • Instant messaging
  • HD video calls
  • International calls
  • Group Chat
  • Instant Voice message
  • News Feeds
  • Stickers
  • Public Chat
  • Follow Chat
  • Service Messages
  • Viber Games
  • Syncs automatically with other devices

 Viber for PC free download

File size : 64.83MB

Version : 6.7.2

 Viber for PC free download



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