Download Windows 7 Home Premium free

Windows 7 Home Premium free download

Windows 7 Home Premium free download 

Description :

Microsoft Windows Seven should be the most anticipated operating system in the same way you waited for Windows XP.

Windows Vista was not working very well and its users wanted a new operating system. So Microsoft has worked hard to get Windows Seven out, the latter has been very well received by users all over the world.

It works rather well, its bugs are rare when compared with its predecessor Windows Vista and the interface is nice.

Windows Seven is lightweight, secure and easy to use. It starts up and turns off faster than Windows Vista.

The applications run very well and, in short, users are very satisfied with this, which allowed the Microsoft operating system to receive new good reviews.

One of the desktop graphics, Aero, is a good thing that came into being through Vista.

Windows Seven is without a doubt the best operating system from Microsoft.

Features : 

  • Windows 7 is much more insistent about asking you to back up your data, and unlike previous versions, every version of Windows 7 has a full backup tool.
  • In Home Premium you can back up and restore files, create a system image backup or burn a system repair disc.
  • Crucially, it’s also easy to restore from an image backup on an external drive. System Restore is more reliable than in XP or Vista, and it warns you about programs and drivers that will be affected by a rollback.
  • This edition incorporates features geared toward the house marketplace segment, together with windows media middle, windows aero and multi-contact assist. It changed into to be had in both 32-bit and 64-bit variations.

Windows 7 Home Premium free download 


Windows 7 Home Premium free download

File Size : 2334.15MB

Versions : 32Bits

Windows 7 Home Premium free download 


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