Download Wise Disk Cleaner free

Wise Disk Cleaner free download

Wise Disk Cleaner free download 

Description :

If you want to keep the peak performance of your machine, one of the basic rules is to clean your hard drive frequently.

Wise Disk Cleaner is an application that will allow you to clean it at any time without any problem and automatically. It will automatically scan your system and search for unnecessary and harmful files to eliminate them.

Old files, temporary files, historical files, obsolete backup copies, cookies, etc. Eliminating them will save you a lot of space that can be occupied by other programs or that will allow your machine to run faster.

In addition, you will find an intuitive and highly interactive interface through which you can easily perform your maintenance tasks.

Wise Disk Cleaner free download 

Features : 

Free Disk Cleaner and Defragmenter

Clean junks of Browsers, remove junk and useless files of Windows and Defragment your disk.

Securely cleans up vain files and makes your laptop run quicker

Through the years, junk files, temporary documents, all forms of machine files and other objects you do no longer need in any respect gather for your windows laptop. The ones vain documents absorb precious hard disk area and gradual down your laptop. Wise disk cleanser can delete those pointless documents for your hard disk to free up disk space and make your computer run quicker. It additionally offers many custom alternatives to permit superior users to smooth up extra documents they don’t need. Prepared with superior algorithms, wise disk cleanser can experiment and get rid of them inside seconds, making it one of the most green disk cleaners obtainable.

Cleans internet records and different strains to your laptop – shielding your privateness

Sensible disk purifier can clean internet histories, cache documents, and cookies of internet explorer, chrome, firefox, opera and safari browsers. It also detects and cleans all different traces because of windows device, components and different applications. With the aid of getting rid of most of these traces very well, your privateness can be properly blanketed from prying eyes.

Enhance your pc performance by way of defragging and re-arranging documents for your disk

Your hard disk power gets fragmented over time. Fragmentation makes your tough disk do more work which can slow down your pc. The ‘disk defrag’ function of clever disk cleanser can rearrange fragmented information so your disks and drives can paintings extra efficaciously. ‘disk defrag’ additionally offers you a clear photo chart of the chosen power, letting you recognize the pressure usage at a glance. You can additionally use it to research and defragment any external garage gadgets.

Scheduled computerized disk cleaning

You could set wise disk cleanser to smooth the disk on a daily, weekly, or month-to-month schedule in keeping with your personal want. Wise disk cleaner will mechanically easy up the vain documents within the history while the scheduled time is up. In settings, you could additionally create a ‘easy with 1-click’ icon and location it on the computing device. With this option, you may smooth up the junk documents by way of simply clicking the icon without establishing sensible disk cleanser.

Freeware & low cpu usage

Clever disk purifier free is absolutely unfastened. Absolutely everyone can down load it for free and revel in free computerized update and technical help by using email. Higher yet, sensible disk cleanser is a small and truely virus-free application that consumes very little device aid.

Wise Disk Cleaner free download 

File size : 3.47MB

Version : 9.49.669

Wise Disk Cleaner free download 

Windows XP, Vista,
(both 32-bit and 64-bit)


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