Larva Heroes Free Android game

Larva Heroes Android game Free Download

Description :

Larva heroes is a strategy and action games with ‘tower defense’ touches, in which you manage a larva whose project is to fight towards the darkish forces which can be looking to assault ny town.

You may pick among some of one of a kind characters. However, while the moment of truth arrives, you will have to positioned your agree with inside the gadgets which you have created over the direction of your specific missions.

Though your hero can compete, you’ll also need to create additional gadgets to help you combat in opposition to the dozens of different enemies that you’ll encounter in every stage.

You may personalize your larva, bumping it up a level or improving its capabilities. In addition, you may also have to manage your group of heroes, a good way to contain exceptional characters from the arena of larva heroes.

Larva heroes is a tremendously amusing motion and method sport. Thanks to its intuitive manipulate device (you contact the display to go forward and the assaults are computerized) you may play a brief game on every occasion you want.

Larva Heroes Android game Free Download

Features :

◆ you can choose the fave hero character ◆
1. Yellow 2. Pink 3. Extremely good yellow four. Wizard brown five. Black night time 6. Rainbow warrior

◆ you could buy hero buddies 10 person fighting with hero ◆
Yellow /crimson,/ excellent yellow / masks pink / cyborg pink /metallic purple / viking red / ninja crimson /
Kung-fu purple / zorro purple
◆ general 360 level as each difficulty > wow! Extremely good playtime! ◆

Sport fun and anxiety is modified as every trouble
Newbie need to play easy mode and professional must attempt to play grasp mode

◆ the way to play / tip ◆
Defense sport’s motion and attack continue back and forth
Unit and talent can be used with slot touch
Nicely placing protecting unit and strategically fight with offensive unit
The location of battles is the most essential

◆ Facebook / googleplay ◆
In case you advise Facebook buddies invitation and game install, you should get item and
3 hero person. Additionally, you may see chief-board and rating deciding on gooleplay

◆ captain jack : pick out the fortune cookie ◆
If you clear each sport degree mode. You could get a ‘captain jack’ coupon.
You could get one in every of gold,item,magic candy through fortune cookie

◆ hero transformation machine ◆
You can remodel hero character into robust hero in game play and use amazing hero’s talent
It makes the maximum essential counterattack threat

◆ venture one-of-a-kind stage 3,6,9 ◆
Each international have three project level

Larva Heroes Android game Free Download

File size : 87.72MB

Version : 1.8.0

Larva Heroes Android game Free Download

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