Soccer Stars android game Free download

Download Soccer Stars android game Free

Soccer Stars android game Free download

Description :

Soccer stars is a contemporary model of the classic bottle-cap football game wherein you may face off against other players from around the arena in interesting -aim soccer video games.

The game device of soccer stars is as easy because it changed into with the traditional bottle caps. Gamers have thirty seconds to perform their move, and they could only circulate certainly one of their bottle caps when it’s miles their flip. Once they have made their flow, their turn is over and it is time for the other player to transport. The purpose, of course, is to make a aim.

The nice component about football stars is that it allows you to synchronize the sport along with your google plus or facebook account (you can additionally play as a visitor) so you can play with any of your buddies on line. If you do not have friends who play football stars, the sport will assign you to a random opponent.

Soccer stars is a remarkable revival of the conventional bottle-cap football recreation. It also has a amusing interface and some first rate pictures for a bottle-cap football sport. In brief: on line amusing for hours and hours.

Soccer Stars android game Free download

Features :

Online and offline multiplayer games
Simple and fun game mechanics
Extraordinary Ball Physics
Online tournaments against players from around the world
Play against your friends
Collect teams and cuts
Collect different teams

Download Soccer Stars android game Free

File size : 38.68MB

Version : 3.7.1

Soccer Stars android game Free download

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